Needed: Female Pop/EDM/Urban Vocalists

Audio plugz
Kandi Robinson CEO/Music Supervisor - The Audio Plugz

The Audio Plugz is a music supervision, music licensing, music publishing and music placement company. Through our efforts we have been successful in placing music with artists & brands such as LeAnn Rimes, Lupe Fiasco, Kumi Koda, Dove, Disney and more...

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Needed: Female Pop/EDM/Urban Vocalists
We are also seeking great female vocalists to demo songs for other songwriters/producers, DJs, etc. This is a great exposure opportunity as a lot of our clients are either shopping their music to major/indie artists or we have DJ's in which you will be the artist. We need all genre of vocalists.

You will be compensated per job. You must be able to record in either ProTools or Logic, if you have neither, you must be able to send each audio file (if you don't know how, we will teach you). Must be able to follow directions. Seeking creative vocalists that enjoy singing! If you are a songwriter as well, that is a plus as we get jobs that include songwriting. female vocalists to demo songs for other songwriters/producers, DJs, etc...

- The Audio Plugz
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