Industry critiques for synch potential

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Mark Garfield Co Director - Pop-Up Music Uk Limited

Pop-Up Music is a PRS registered music library and publisher located in London. We pride ourselves in providing undiscovered music and bespoke music for advertising, film, TV, gaming and corporate.We are honored to be working with BSKYB as part of the

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Industry critiques for synch potential
Submit to Pop-Up Music! Have your track critiqued and prepped for synch by Co-Director of Pop-up Music Mark Garfield. Key song writing elements will be covered, arrangement, composition, lyrics, musicality, as well as production values such as the mix/mastering, frequencies and stylistic awareness. Constructive criticism will be aimed at the songs synch potential for Film, TV, Advertising and Gaming.

Mark Garfield has co-written songs with Cream's lyricist Pete Brown and Co-produced records with legendary producer Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin…) As a drummer toured the world and played major festivals such as Glastonbury not once but twice! Mark has a degree in Music Performance and teacher training.

All feedback will have comprehensive detail which comes with an honest and professional insight to your song - WARNING which at times might be brutal! I look forward to hearing your song!
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