Female Singer/Song Writer needed for Development Deal

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Mick Walsh
A&R/ President/Songwriter - Spot The Dog Music

I've been in "biz" since the late 60's. In 1990 I co- wrote the multi- million selling song "Dirty Cash/Money Talks" recorded by Stevie V. I have worked with Dizzee Rascal, Florence And The Machine, Boy George as a writer. Check out my production credits

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Female Singer/Song Writer needed for Development Deal
I am just finishing a development deal with a major producer which has freed me up to work on other projects. I'm currently looking for a female singer/songwriter to work with on getting them a development deal. Ideally, I'm looking for a female "Ed Sheeran". Writing skills would be a plus and please provide links with your submission: preferably a video, or at least, some good quality photos. No older than 25 please. Even if you can't write, let me hear your voice and I will write for you.

- Mick Walsh / Spot the Dog Music
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