Seeking Trailer Music

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Mark Garfield Co Director - Pop-Up Music Uk Limited

Pop-Up Music is a PRS registered music library and publisher located in London. We pride ourselves in providing undiscovered music and bespoke music for advertising, film, TV, gaming and corporate.We are honored to be working with BSKYB as part of the

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Seeking Trailer Music
Pop-Up Music are seeking trailer music to supply movies and their TV clients (BSKYB, Channel 4 and the BBC). If you are the next Hans Zimmer then please send us your tracks. We are on the look out for sports trailers, action movie, TV comedy, romantic comedy, drama, news, and horror.

This opportunity is for an exclusive contract with a term - all submissions must be 100% owned by the writer/writers.

We look forward to your submission.

Thanks in advance,
the Pop-up Music Team.
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