Music Xray Diagnostics: GPS-like tracking of a song’s path and potential


Now learn the potential of your track and the steps you need to take to reach it

  • No more navigating your career in the dark. Always know exactly where a song stands, how it stacks up against the competition, and how fans are reacting.

  • See customized recommended next steps to help guide you through the industry and plan your next actions.

  • With Music Xray Diagnostics, not only will you know where your track stands, but we'll give you insight driven recommendations on how you can improve and ultimately gain traction in the industy.

  • Diagnostics will be able to identify of your song's strengths and weaknesses, and lets you know where to focus your efforts.


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How is Music Xray different?

  • Your song will be heard and rated by five industry professionals who are specialists in your genre.

  • Your song will be heard by 20 potential fans (optional).

  • You will get customised recommended next steps based on the results.

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