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Seeking Jazz/Lounge Songs for TV & Ad Placements

Music Publishing Company with a proven track record in TV & Film placements seeks jazz/lounge songs for TV and advertisement placements. Instrumentals accepted. Seeking chill and laid back music in the vein of Dave Brubeck Quartet or Herbie Hancock. You must own 100% of the Master and copyright and instrumental versions of vocal songs must also be available.

Recent credits include: MTV, VH1, PBS, TruTV, A&E, TLC, Discovery and E! Recent clients include Verizon and Nationwide Insurance. We carefully review all music submissions and have proudly signed over a dozen Music Xray artists in the past year alone. Please do not submit to us outside of Music Xray.

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Sync Licensing/General (413)

Upbeat Pop songs for TV ad

We need upbeat, positive, fun pop songs for a national TV ad. Your song can have a bit of a rock element to it as well if you want. Think Matt & Kim, Capital Cities, Self, etc. Pop, but a bit quirky and memorable.

This is a 12 month ad cycle, so please make sure you own all master rights and publishing to make it as simple as possible to license.

All submissions must be final recording and mixed. No demos please.

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Seeking Music for Film/TV/Ads/Trailers

HD Music Now is seeking music for placements in Film, TV, Ads, and Trailers. We are open to multiple musical genres - as long as it's a good track.

HD MUSIC NOW, a full service music licensing & supervision company that regularly licenses songs to film, television, advertising, trailers, video games, and more. Our music has been heard in television shows such as Ray Donovan, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, Hart of Dixie, Private Practice, Grey’s Anatomy, Dexter, Shameless and more…and in Feature films such as Dolphin Tale, Jobs, Friends with Benefits, Baggage Claim, Dinner For Schmucks, Parental Guidance, American Reunion and more…

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Seeking music for CBS TV Broadcasts - 50 to 100 Songs Needed

White Knight Worldwide Media (BMI) and Pulse Records USA are pitching 50-100 top quality independent tracks to editors and producers at CBS for their yearly programming.

These broadcasts may include sporting events, television shows, news broadcasts and advertisements.

Historically, CBS music selections have been sourced from major labels, publishers and long-term contractors with extensive histories. For the first time, White Knight Worldwide Media and Pulse Records are working with network executives to open those same doors for independent artists.

Music placements will earn performance royalties for U.S. and international usage along with chyron credits. Approved music will be accessible to all producers and used during sports broadcasts, highlight reels, bumps, intro and outro clips, trailers, and a myriad of placements across CBS outlets. Music may also be approved for paid sync placements on a case-by-case basis (sync placement payouts and terms will be mutually agreed upon with the artist prior to usage).

Segments will air on both local and national TV, dedicated network sites and affiliate stations.

GENRES ACCEPTED: Rock, Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie, Pop, Singer/Songwriter, Acoustic, Country, Industrial, Hip-Hop, Rap, R&B, Jazz, Soul, Funk, EDM, Dubstep, House, Orchestral, Instrumental, and all applicable sub-genres.

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Washington Street Publishing Seeking Love Songs for Film & TV

We always need good love songs and currently have several film & TV opportunities. Style: Intimate, romantic Genre: Singer-songwriter, Americana, Folk, and Jazz.

They don't have to be full production, but they must be MASTER QUALITY recordings....NOT DEMOS. Please read below. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.

In order for us to pitch your music for film, TV or Advertising:
a. You must own 100% of your master (recordings) and 100% of your synchronization (publishing), if you don't… b. All master owners, co-writer(s) or co-publisher(s), must sign our licensing agreement as well. c. Also, if you have paid musicians and/or singers you must have a signed 'work for hire' form for each person, so that they have no further claim to the song. d. We will need a MASTERED copy of both the song and an instrumental track.*

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Playstation Vidzone are looking for music videos - ALL Genres Considered!

Playstation Vidzone are looking for music videos from literally every genre of music for airing on PS3 and PS4 Vidzone service - this is a truly global chance for massive exposure.

If you have a quality music video, we guarantee it will be seen by the staff responsible for saying "yes" or "no" to it being taken to air.

There is potential here to have your video viewed by literally millions of people!

Please submit your song in the usual way and remember to include the link to the video you want to be considered.

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Notting Hill Needs Songs & Production For Movies and TV Placement ($10,000 Payout)

We are CURRENTLY working on Major Movie Productions as well as Television Shows that are in need of new Songs and Production. The type of Music I'm searching for is High Energy, EDM, Pop, Rock/Pop, R&B and Hip Hop.. Please make sure the songs and production is mixed and presentation ready. I will NOT select it if its not up to par. Thank You and Look Forward to hearing all submissions.

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Mac-A-Million Needs Feel-Good Music

We are working with a television network that's developing a number of new TV programs. We are looking for feel good music that would be great for healthy lifestyle related programs. Think Food Network, and the Cooking Channel.

Looking For: Rock, Hip Hop, Country, Blues

Explicit Lyrics Accepted: No

Instrumentals Accepted: Preferred (no samples)

Compensation: Licensing, Royalties

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Music and songs wanted for a NASCAR film with George Clooney
We are looking for songs for a Motion Picture about a NASCAR driver and his son. Its based on a true story. George Clooney is set to star, and an Oscar winning director is almost signed up. The songs can be of all genres as there will be car race scenes, but also tender moments and a variety of emotional scenes. Shooting starts in June 2013 but I have been asked do compose the Score but also I will be the Music Supervisor so will be choosing the songs for the slots and scenes and this is wanted within 6 months so we are moving on this very quickly.
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Cable Television Show seeking songs & instrumentals - $2k-$5k all-in for the spots

We are helping the music supervisor of a television show with an ongoing search.

In the show there is a local bar that the main characters frequent. It’s an upscale place that plays everything from Jazz to Indie Rock to Blues to Pop depending on the night/scene. So we’re looking for songs to pitch to them.

We are open to instrumentals but a majority of the chosen tracks will be vocals.

Everything should be modern sounding and if there are lyrics, nothing too obtrusive as there will usually be dialogue on top of the music (i.e. it will be a background use)

They have budgeted $2k-$5k all-in for the spots.

If you are selected, you'll be offered a non-exclusive publishing agreement & you will be pitched to this show.
Please send your BEST!

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Seeking Love & Relationship Songs For Ad Agency - $7K Payout

Splash Galaxy Music has the go ahead to pitch a big-city advertising agency for a corporate campaign with an up-front payout of up to $7,000. Selection criteria: Love & relationship songs (emotional songs about being in love, or subject matter along the lines of relationships).

Songs with vocals that shine on solid lyrics in pop, folk, r&b, and country. Commercial song forms that are working on mainstream radio (songs that could 'blow up') As long as it's upbeat and has a mainstream-sounding chorus, experiments in indie and electro genres are welcome.

We also have the green light to pitch for a young female pop / country crossover artist who can sing and has a 90's vintage style / look. If you have something that you think can work for her top 40 radio ascent that's interesting, huge, and relevant, send it along, and it will be dually considered!

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Jazz/Soul/R&B For Modern Dance Scene Thriller Film

Need something that realistically would be playing in a dance studio while lead character dances routine by herself.

Stewart's music supervision credits in over thirty films include Academy Award-winning Hustle & Flow (Oscar for Best Original Song), Four Brothers, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Poetic Justice.

-Paul Stewart / Atom Factory

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NBA Television Placement Opportunity

White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA are pitching select artists to editors who are working on this season's NBA edits. Music will be used during the games, on highlight reels, pre/post game bumps, intro and outro clips, game trailers, and many other placements across NBA outlets. These placements air on National TV and dedicated online basketball sites.

Weekly highlight reels historically feature unique, high-energy music to enhance the commentary and visual action of game recaps. Editors edit multiple promos each week, for each game. Get your music heard by millions of sports fans who tune in each week for NBA action.

See an example of a previous Pulse Records music placement on YouTube HERE

Hard Rock, Metal, Alternative, Indie, Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, EDM, Dubstep/House, Orchestral, Instrumental, cinematic scores, cues and all applicable high-energy music accepted.

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NCAA March Madness: Need Indie Rock "Hype" Music

White Knight Music Group (BMI) and Pulse Records USA are pitching select artists to editors who are working on this season's March Madness edits. Music will be used during the games, on highlight reels, pre/post game bumps, intro and outro clips, game trailers, and many other placements across NCAA outlets. These placements air on National TV and dedicated online basketball sites.

Highlight reels historically feature unique, high-energy music to enhance the commentary and visual action of NCAA game recaps.

GENRES ACCEPTED: Indie Rock, energetic "hype" music.

-Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for inclusion in television programming.
-Tracks must be high energy and appropriate for the content that it will be supporting.
-Artists must own all copyrights - please no uncleared samples or covers.

COMPENSATION: If selected, you are guaranteed to maintain all of your rights and will earn royalties from your PRO (Performance Rights Organization) as seen on your quarterly statements. Sync fees may or may not be paid to the artist, on a case-by-case basis, at the discretion of the producer and depending the usage of the song. These songs will be exposed to millions of sports fans across the nation and on-screen chyron credit will be given as well as artist web links (where applicable, as determined by the segment editor at the network).

SUBMISSION PROCESS: Songs submitted will all be reviewed thoroughly by Pulse Records staff. All tracks that match the submission criteria will then be passed along to the television network producers for consideration into their broadcasts. If selected by the producers, Pulse Records will then provide the usage agreements and contact information from the producer directly to the artist to complete the process. There are no additional fees once an artist is selected, only the submission fee listed below.

NOTE: Even if you are not selected for this opportunity, you may be considered for other licensing opportunities.

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Pop/Rock songs needed for TV Commercial - $2,000 payout

We are looking for bright Pop and Rock songs for a technology company TV commercial. The sound should be uplifting, modern and optimistic with a constant, steady drive. The supervisor is open to both songs with vocals and instrumentals. Two good examples for the musical direction are:

Coldplay - A Sky Full Of Stars
The Fray - You Found Me

We accept ONE-STOP submissions only, ie songs that you own or control 100% (writer, master and publisher). Please submit only professionally recorded and mastered songs. NO DEMOS, NO COVERS. If we think your song fits the project, we will mark it Selected and get in touch before submitting it to the creative team. As an added bonus, if your song is Selected, we will offer to release your music on Filter and include you in our catalog for future licensing opportunities. The songs by our talented artists can be heard in The Matrix Revisited, CSI: Las Vegas, Nikita, on ads for Nike, Philip Morris, Hachette Filipacchi, in shows on MTV, CNN, Nat Geo, NBC, Esquire, Channel 4 and almost every major TV network in the world.

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Seeking Dance Songs For Cable TV Show

We are looking for mid to up-tempo tracks that have a beat and energy that is sustainable for a full 2 minutes of editing.** In the past these tracks have been primarily pop, urban pop, pop rock and EDM. See examples below:

Beyonce “Run The World” 127 bpm
Willy Moon “Yeah Yeah” 108bpm
Sam and The Womp “Bom Bom” 125bpm
Ms Mr “Fantasy” 144bpm
Major Lazer “Aerosol Can” 127bpm
Natalia Kills “Controversy” 132bpm
MIA “Yala” 124bpm
Jason Derulo "Talk Dirty To Me" 100bpm

-Washington Street Publishing

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Looking for GREAT female ballad - $5,000 payout

Looking for a great female ballad that will play behind the closing credits for a new film we are producing that comes out in the 3rd quarter of 2015.

Good examples of what we are looking for include:
Christina Perri - "Jar of Hearts"
Sally Anthony - "Villain"
Evanescence - "My Immortal"

Please note, this is our first film under our new film division and I am decision maker on this song so I look forward to hearing your great material!

There is a $5,000 (all in) payout if your song is selected. We have had issues in the past with uncleared samples. Please note, YOU MUST control master and publishing to submit and your song CAN NOT contain uncleared samples.

Known for our versatility and results, Gracie has worked with the majors (Lil Wayne, Eminem) as well as released over 750 albums and singles via our distribution deals with Universal and The Orchard. In addition, Gracie has worked to place over 100 songs in TV and Film (The Hangover, Green Hornet, Fast & The Furious, MTV and more). Our newest venture includes producing and distributing our own films! Our first film comes out in Q3 of 2015.

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Seeking Pop Rock SONGS (No Instrumentals) for placement opportunities in Film, Television, Commercials AND with Major Artists, in the vein of Avril Lavigne "Rock N Roll" & Neon Trees "Everybody Talks"

Nashville, TN based music publishing company with connections & current placements is currently seeking new songs to pitch for placement opportunities in Film, Television, Commercials AND with Major Artists They're currently seeking Seeking Pop Rock SONGS (NO INSTRUMENTALS). Please send high quality material for consideration.

Please listen to these examples:
Avril Lavigne - "Rock N Roll"
Neon Trees - "Everybody Talks"
The All-American Rejects - "Gives You Hell"

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Sony Music US Seeking Acoustic Female Singer/Songwriter Songs for Brand Sync Licensing

I am seeking acoustic female singer/songwriter songs for brand sync licensing. I want to hear music from your heart and soul. I am not making any promises, but that should not stop you from pursuing your dream. Always stay truthful to yourself and your music. Please submit your best track(s) for consideration. I look forward to hearing your songs

My brand of A&R expertise is strictly catalog with Sony Music Entertainment's Commercial Music Group. I'm responsible for creating music projects for retail, lifestyle and online accounts. Past clients have included: Starbucks, Banana Republic, Panama Jack, Pier 1 Imports, Walmart, Rite Aid, Jostens, Sony Pictures (DVD Division), Madacy Records, Compass Productions, iTunes, Music Pass, Spotify, Starwood Hotels and more.

- Jeffrey James / Director of A&R Sony Music Entertainment

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Seeking New Songs For Representation and Licensing

Looking for new songs for Licensing placements opportunities worldwide.

Selected artists will be offered a non-exclusive license agreement. Recordings must be professionally mixed and mastered. No demo accepted.

Preferred genres: Pop, Rock, Folk, Alternative, Indie, Electronic, World, Soundtrack
High Quality Submissions only.

-- 10% of the submission fee is shared with Unicef --

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Publisher seeking uptempo pop songs a la Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga

Successful publisher seeking uptempo pop songs a la Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga for film, TV and advertising placements. If your song is selected you will be offered an exclusive publishing agreement. High quality masters only. No demos.

Expressive Artists is a music publishing company with an emphasis on film and television placement. In the past year we've placed more than 50 songs submitted by Music Xray artists (including theatrically released feature films and documentaries).

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