Featured Opportunity

Mobile Communications Commercial seeking Sexy, Confident R&B - $50k all-in payout

We are seeking a sexy R&B track for very recognizable) client in the mobile industry. We will be VERY selective. Please submit your best. If selected, you will be pitched for the spot.

• Keywords: R&B, sexiness, swagger, self-confident, party poppin!
• Overall, we want a track with a modern R&B/hip-hop feel that has some some self-congratulating swagger to it. Think Genuine, R. Kelly, etc. Music that is ironically fantastic. A “bedroom” track that has energy, impact and confidence and is not sleepy. Think R. Kelly “Ignition” and not Barry White.
• Track could be from a current/emerging artist or something from the 90’s when this genre reigned supreme (but must fit within budget!).
• Should have a great beat, not sleepy.
• A track to match our lead character’s confidence and attitude. He thinks he's the shit and we want something that would be the first track on one of his playlists.
• Lyrical connection pertaining to: meeting you, loving you, I found you, come to me, sexiness, party popping, optimism, just got paid, confidence, popping champagne, looking good, feeling good, getting ready for a party or to have fun.

Usage details:
- Global Digital 1 yr
- Broadcast 3-6 months (limited to US, Brazil, India)
- No Retail
- Industrial 1 yr
Material is 1 x :45 with cut-downs and revisions for territory.

A firm ceiling at $50k all-in is required.

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Publishing Deal (129)

Primary wave
Primary Wave Is Seeking Exceptional Songwriters For Publishing DealsPrimary Wave is expanding it's songwriter roster and is seeking exceptional songwriters to enter into publishing relationship with Primary Wave.

Our publishing roster includes greats such as Melissa Etheridge and John Oates as well as legends such as Kurt Cobain. See our full publishing roster HERE

If you have the writing skills and chops to be on our roster, we want to hear one or two of your best songs. If we love what we hear, we'll be in touch to take things further.
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One Song Publishing (Jermaine Dupri) is Seeking Up-and-Coming Songwriters

One Song Publishing, a joint venture between music mogul Jermaine Dupri and Dorsey James, is seeking up-and-coming Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B songwriters and producers to sign to a publishing deal. We are looking for talented writers on the verge of breaking hit songs.

In addition to offering publishing, we are able to connect our songs with various global brands through out partnership with Stealth SM, unlike traditional publishing companies. Please submit your best work for consideration.

Please do not submit to us outside of Music Xray. This is where we can keep things organized and make sure we get back to everyone.

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Seeking Writers & Producers for potential Publishing Deal

Exceptional songwriters and producers the time has come. If you have placed songs or productions with major artists, TV, films, etc and don't have a publishing deal, then submit here. Notting Hill Music Publishing is seeking the best of the best so submit directly to me and I will review with the rest of the team for consideration. Make sure your material is presented in the best quality possible. Look forward to hearing the submissions.

- Livio Harris - Notting Hill Music Publishing/Who's Harris Entertainment

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Screen shot 2015 03 10 at 10.16.04 am
Livio Harris is looking for Writers & Producers for Management

Livio Harris/Who's Harris Entertainment is looking for new clients to manage. We are looking for Top Line writers and Producers for our direct opportunities.

Our affiliations with major record labels and publishing companies has primed us to add talent to our roster that we can develop and grow.

We are not looking for the same old same, we are looking for innovative, pioneering sounds and concepts. We want the Best of the Best!!! Only submit music you own please. All genres excepted.

- Livio Harris - Notting Hill Music Publishing/Who's Harris Entertainment

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Rock Shop Music / BMG Seeking Hit Songs
If you've written and/or performed a song that's bound to be a smash hit, we want to hear it and help you make it successful nationally and internationally.

If you know any of the following songs, you already know BMG.
‘Locked Out Of Heaven’ – Writer, Bruno Mars
‘Heart Of Glass’ – Deborah Harry, Chris Stein
‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ – Jim Steinman
‘Karma Chameleon’ – Culture Club
‘I Like To Move It’ – Erick Morillo, Mark Quashie

If you know: Linkin Park, Macy Grey, Hoobastank, Daniel Powter, Korn, & Limp Bizkit, ...then you already know Rock Shop Music & Jeff Blue as well.

Our pitch to you is, put your songs in our hands and magic can happen. Now let's hear your pitch to us!
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Warner Chappell Music is seeking great songs in the singer-songwriter genres

Warner Chappell Music is seeking great songs in the singer-songwriter genres.

With offices in more than 40 countries, Warner/Chappell provides deep expertise across a range of creative services and the most innovative opportunities for songwriters and copyright holders.

With a history dating back more than 200 years, Warner/Chappell currently publishes and administers music from Barry Gibb, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Eric Clapton, fun., Gamble & Huff, Green Day, Jay Z, Katy Perry, Led Zeppelin, Lionsgate Films, Madonna, Miramax Films, Muse, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, R.E.M, Roc Nation, Stephen Sondheim, Timbaland and Wayne Hector, among many others.
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Notting Hill Music UK Seeking Top Dance/EDM Writer-Producers for Publishing & Placement Deals

Notting Hill Music is actively seeking Dance/EDM writer-producers for publishing and diverse placement opportunities across film, TV, advertising and video games.

Our London office is where it's at for dance/EDM.

Additionally, the Notting Hill Music catalogue includes more than 300 U.K. Top 40 hit singles, including 18 number ones. Our songs rare featured on hundreds of hit albums all over the World and gold & platinum awards arrive on a weekly basis.

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SONGS Publishing Seeking Songwriters & Producers

SONGS Publishing is seeking exceptional songwriters and producers to be signed for a publishing deal. We primarily deal in Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop, and EDM. Songs Music Publishing is a wholly employee-owned music publishing company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and London. If you think you have what it takes to join our 300+ songwriter roster please submit your best track(s) for consideration here. We look forward to hearing your work.

- Sterling Simms / A&R Consultant - SONGS Publishing

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Seeking New Songs For Representation and Licensing

Looking for new songs for Licensing placements opportunities worldwide.

Selected artists will be offered a non-exclusive license agreement. Recordings must be professionally mixed and mastered. No demo accepted.

Preferred genres: Pop, Rock, Folk, Alternative, Indie, Electronic, World, Soundtrack
High Quality Submissions only.

-- 10% of the submission fee is shared with Unicef --

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Publisher seeking uptempo pop songs a la Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga

Successful publisher seeking uptempo pop songs a la Katy Perry, Maroon 5 and Lady Gaga for film, TV and advertising placements. If your song is selected you will be offered an exclusive publishing agreement. High quality masters only. No demos.

Expressive Artists is a music publishing company with an emphasis on film and television placement. In the past year we've placed more than 50 songs submitted by Music Xray artists (including theatrically released feature films and documentaries).

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Looking to sign Songwriters & Producers to Publishing Deal ASAP!!!

Rebellion Corps Publishing in joint-venture with Notting Hill Music Publishing are looking to sign Strong Writers & Producers. They are looking for Writers with catchy melodies, and really great lyrical content. Producers, they are looking for uniqueness, originality, and just pureness out the box thinking. All Genres are welcomed... Start out Publishing Deals can start out from 50K to Millions depending on your ability to deliver.

This opportunity can and will change your life. We have an Major Artist Roster from Beyonce to Taylor Swift, so Bring your A Game. We look forward receiving all submissions. Thank you!

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The Collective Agency is looking for New Songwriters to Sign for 2015 Publishing Deal

Attention ALL Songwriters. The Collective Agency is looking fresh new songwriters to sign to a publishing deal. We have a situation where we are able to sign 5 Top songwriters. It may be more depending on the amount of submissions selected. You will work on various projects from artists to TV & Film. There will also be upfront compensation for all that are selected. Once selected further details will be explained and we will reach out to all owners of the material we've chosen. Please keep all submissions via Music Xray Only! Thank You.

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Screen shot 2015 01 22 at 9.45.36 am
Teddy Bishop Seeking Songwriters & Producers to Sign

Attention all aspiring and inspiring songwriters and producers: I'm looking to sign songwriters and producers to a publishing deal. Now I'm not looking for your normal songwriters and producers. Given my successful track record in the Music Business, I've been able to stay relevant because I strive for nothing but the best. I have so many projects that I'm working on, I can't be everywhere all at once. So if you feel that you have what it takes to join my army, here is your chance to show me what you got.

Please keep all submissions via Music Xray. Any other form of communication will automatically be denied. Good Luck to all and I'm looking forward to listening to all submissions.

Teddy Bishop has produced for VH1, BET, Tony Braxton, Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, Usher, Major Movie Soundtracks and much more.

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Phonogenic Music Publishing (BMG) Seeking Writers

Phonogenic Music Publishing is a Joint Venture with BMG publishing. We are seeking exceptional writers to build our current roster.

Please only submit your very best work.

Phonogenic Records is a record label currently under the RCA Label Group, a division of Sony Music Entertainment.

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Sgm tm
Publishing Deal For Writers Of All Genres + Sync Composers

Splash Galaxy® Music is opening the door to any and all genres from writers who are looking for an exclusive term songwriting deal, as well as sync composers who can deliver solid library material on a consistent, on-demand basis.

-Advance: up to $5,000 -Exclusive, termed deal -We'll listen carefully to all submissions, considering each for not only this deal, but for all of our current procurements in progress

-What We Want: We are looking for hit material across the board: pop, country, hip-hop, any sub-genres of those mentioned, and solid compositions + tracks for moving picture (syncs). While a history of placements or radio cuts would be wonderful, we're very much open to the idea of signing and DEVELOPING undiscovered writers or composers with a talent for lyrics, melody, hit song sensibility, and unique taste for moving picture placements (film, TV, ads, video games, etc.)

As always, we'll offer feedback where we feel it will benefit.

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Seeking POP, EDM, and Country Songs for Publishing

We are a very aggressive publishing company organized by songwriters and we are looking for great songwriters. If we publish your work, you will become eligible for our "Songwriter's Benefit Program" - an industry first and fully detailed at jdpubgrp.com Now send us your best and we will quickly respond.

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Pop up music logo
Pop-Up Music Worldwide Opportunity

We at Pop-up Music are seeking new tracks for an exciting new worldwide opportunity. Having inked deals with some of the most happening sub-publishers we are looking for songs to add into this exclusive catalogue and distribute worldwide.

We need URGENTLY Rock, Indie, Singer Songwriter, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Indie Folk, Soul, Electro, Electro Folk, Pop we need it all!

This opportunity is for an exclusive contract with a term - all submissions must be 100% owned by the writer/writers.

We look forward to your submissions

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Looking for Songwriters & Producers to Manage for Publishing Deal

Calling all Songwriters & Producers: I'm Looking to Manage 10 Songwriters and 10 Producers. You must be able to Produce and Writer the Following Genres of Music: Pop, R&B, Country, Rap Hooks, EDM, as well as Gospel. I'm putting together an unstoppable team that will make a lasting impression in the music industry. Make sure when submitting to this dropbox, you submit your BEST. Looking forward to listening to all submissions.

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Sgm tm
Publisher Targeting Global Talent Under 23 Years Old - $5K Advance

Splash Galaxy® Music is looking to invite some talented youth to our roster.

We're offering a $5K advance on a publishing deal for artists, writers, producers.

The age ceiling applies only in that statistics show under 23 works best in certain music genres. The genres we are focused on (pop, urban, country, hip-hop, r&b, hot ac) exhibit content and artistic viability produced by cultured youth.

If you are over the age ceiling but have a considerably irresistible song or record, please don't hesitate to submit with a memo letting us know your skills.

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Pop up music publishing
Pop-Up Music Publishing Seeks New artists

Pop-Up Music Publishing is seeking to sign new artists/bands to their new publishing company.

All genres welcome - we are looking for artists/bands with strong songs that are true to the genre and fit for synch. Born off the back of the success of the parent company Pop-Up Music (production music) this new division has been set up to handle commercial music. Our goal is too get 'under the radar acts' songs into synch deals within Film, TV and Advertising.

All submissions must be 100% owned by the writer/writers.

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