What is Fan Match?

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2. Upload your song.

3. See number of potential fans.

4. Select campaign size.

5. Launch your campaign.

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In order to get new fans you have to first get their attention. That has been getting increasingly difficult for emerging musicians. Potential fans have so many distractions. Many just never get around to clicking on the link to your music. What musicians need is a guaranteed way to get the attention of potential fans.

That's where Fan Match comes in.

When you're looking to make a big impact on a small budget, you need to arm yourself with 21st century tools that can offer 21st century results. Fan Match does two things: Let potential fans hear your music, and keep you in touch with them so you can build relationships that matter.

Once you have a potential fan's attention, it comes down to your music. We only send your music to people who are into your style and genre, so if your music is great, chances are you'll turn the potential fans into actual fans. We make it easy for them to declare their interest in your music, provide you with their email address. You'll be able to validate each fan by viewing their Facebook profile and engage them in a newsletter or Facebook post. We even make it easy for them to tip you real money if they appreciate your track. Lastly, we show you exactly how much it is costing you to acquire new fans. Sometimes, the costs are offset by the amount of tips you receive.

In the example shown below, this band has had their song played for 91 potential fans. 45 have become actual fans and one of them has tipped the band $10.00, That means the band has acquired 45 fans at a cost of less then 50 cents per fan. These are real fans, who with a little attention from the band, can be cultivated into dedicated paying customers for their music.

Can you get similar results? It all depends upon your music. Run a Fan Match campaign and let the fans decide!

  • See how many potential fans you have.
  • Learn your cost per fan.
  • Target fans who's taste preference matches your music.
  • Build meaningful relationships.