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Latest Success Stories and Artist Feedback

Snoop Dogg featured on Selin Stone's track produced by Mike Gonsolin (Trend Def Studios)

Pop singer Selin Stone got in touch with up and coming L.A. producer, Mike Gonsolin through Music Xray. Selin then went to LA to work with Mike at his facility, Trend Def Studios, and cut three tracks with him and his team. Mike, already a go to producer in the industry for pop, rock, hip hop and EDM, then got Snoop Dogg to feature on one of the tracks. The song is now scheduled to hit radio in late 2014.

Mike and Trend Def credits include: Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Benny Blanco, The Veronicas, Billy Rae Cyrus, Limp Bizkit, Sammy Adams, W.E.R.M. and many more.

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Proud Honey gets signed to Gracie Productions imprint Seven13 via Music Xray

Gracie Productions and their imprint Seven13 recently signed the Glasgow-based group Proud Honey for a two album deal! Gracie Productions/Seven13 will first promote their catchy rock single "One Hello" and are building for a 1st quarter 2015 album release.

Gracie Productions CEO/President Tony Bucher says:
"I have been looking for a great rock band to sign to our new Seven13 imprint for 9 months and never would have found this amazing Glasgow based group if not for Music Xray!"

Congratulations to Proud Honey and Gracie Productions/Seven13!

"Our Music Xray experience has been great from day one. We were lucky enough to be contacted by Gracie Productions who, with swift professionalism, made good on their initial promise to work a deal for the band and we are now very pleased to say we are signed with them. We are looking forward to a long and successful period ahead made possible by Music Xray and the great folk at Gracie Productions." - Proud Honey

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Music Xray has been the ultimate launching pad for Lions Named Leo

Success? Lions Named Leo say: "Yes, yes, yes, and more YES! Lions Named Leo continues to have success and selections on Music Xray. I can barely keep track!!! Our song Say has been 'selected' 8 times! Rag Doll 2 times and Pound two times, and Can I Want the World There Too one time.

But the biggest success, that isn't even recorded, is we picked up Grammy Winning Manager/Producer Dennis Rubenstein! How's that for success!?!?!?

Music Xray has been the ultimate launching pad for Lions Named Leo. Now, with the addition of Dennis, you WILL hear our ROAR!!!"

-Rob Saranpa, Bassist - Lions Named Leo

Most recently added opportunities


Seeking Records for Roster and Placement Opportunities

Septien Entertainment group is seeking Top 40, Pop/RnB, Country, Alt/Pop, Dance/Pop, and Singer/Songwriters for Roster and Placement Opportunities.

Please submit your best track(s) for consideration

About: Septien Entertainment Group is most known for its success in breeding Major Industry talent. With a star studded alumni including Demi Lovato, Hunter Parrish,Jessica Simpson, Ryan Cabrera, Beyonce, Nick Lachey, Ashlee Simpson, Celena Rae, Seven Story Drop, 4 top 25 American Idol finalists, and over 100 other relevant industry professionals.

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Artistry Worldwide is accepting submissions for label consideration

Artistry Worldwide is a new media company headed by Max Gousse based out of Los Angeles with a hub in emerging markets such as Toronto, Dubai, London, and Seoul. The mission for Artistry Worldwide is quite simple: to become the number one brand in developing new talent in media worldwide.

Our approach is ‘Artistry first,’ and we stand behind the statement: “Works of art make rules. Rules do not make works of art” With a great team and established relationships across the world, we look forward to being the fastest growing media company for emerging media Worldwide.

Max Grousse: Responsible for Grammy-Award winner "Single Ladies" 2009's Song of The Year and Produced Grammy-Award winning albums "B-Day" & "I Am Sasha Fierce" A&R'd #1 Song "Irreplaceable". Over 40 million units sold world-wide.

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RadiciMusic Records is looking to expand its current roster of folk/world music releases

RadiciMusic Records was born in 2001 as an independent italian world music label. We work with the very best of the italian folk artists, with a keen eye for quality. We have a selected catalog of around 50 releases of only the finest world/folk music.

We're actually in the process of expanding our roster and business to other countries outside Italy. We are looking for talents and albums in the world/folk genre, with the final objective of offering a release contract.

We are NOT interested in any rock or pop submission (we have a sublabel called Shunu Records for that).

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